Soukias Jones

Carrington Group| Visual identity

Financial services firm Carrington Group was expanding rapidly. As part of this growth, it wanted to refresh its corporate identity. Having reviewed the firm’s development plans and researched existing market perceptions, we felt something bolder than slight refreshment was called for.

One arm of the firm is focused on investment advice, the other on accountancy services. But, we realised that a prime opportunity for cross selling was being missed because neither of the brands was clearly defined or had strong visual appeal. Integrating the two was critical for future success.

Our idea centred on the fact that Carrington is one firm, but operates in two distinct markets. We used the letters ‘in’ from Carrington as a visual motif for the firm being ‘in’ two markets. We used ‘in’ to define and unite the two brands, developing the firm’s identity across logos, stationery, literature, exhibition graphics, adverts and website.

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