Branding: 29.01.19


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Apprentice attraction campaigns in professional services

Patterns of student recruitment are changing. Apprenticeships are becoming more widespread, not least in professional services.

Using our experience of branding in professional services, we recently conducted an extensive review of over 140 firms to see how effective their apprentice attraction campaigns are. Our findings show accountancies performing better than most consultancy and law firms.

Is inclusion winning? How professional services firms attract apprentices highlights best practice in the sector and intends to provide inspiration for those seeking to improve their current pitch to apprentices, and for those starting the journey. Other sectors will find the findings useful in their planning.

Here are our five ideas:

  1. Target apprentices alongside interns, graduates and experienced hires through a single campaign
  2. Think beyond facts and figures – think stories
  3. Walk in an apprentice’s shoes
  4. Be brand, design and digital savvy
  5. Embrace social channels

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