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Branding: 15.05.20

5 ways to get into a creative mindset

Like never before, there’s a need to be creative. Lawyers, accountants and other left-brained thinkers are not all natural at this. But what can they and their leadership teams learn from those with creative backgrounds?

Branding: 15.04.20

How to communicate with staff during social distancing

Here is Grahame Jones’ blog for the Institute of Student Employers on his five top tips to ensure teams and the employer brand emerge from the pandemic positive and united.

Issue 3 – Spring 2020


News and Views on branding tech and innovation by law firms

Campaign: 24.02.20

Packing a punch at Oxford: how most law firm brochures fail to leave their mark

For law firms, Oxford University’s law fair is one of the biggest and most important at which to spar among