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Branding: 15.03.19

New survey. Request a copy.

Discover 6 ideas to make your lawtech branding work harder

Today, legal innovation is hot. Yet, recent survey of 100 in-house counsel revealed that around 70% were unsure what technology

Branding: 29.01.19

New survey. Request a copy.

Discover 5 ideas to make your apprentice attraction work harder

Patterns of student recruitment are changing. Apprenticeships are becoming more widespread, not least in professional services. Using our experience of

Campaign: 19.11.18

Graduate recruitment brochures: How different is your difference?

All firms are, of course, different. What matters is how differently they express their difference. Previously, we reviewed how firms

Campaign: 07.11.18

Graduate recruitment stands: Canary yellow, anybody?

Last week, I attended a law fair held at LSE that was jam-packed with students and firms. It inspired me