Branding: 15.03.19


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Branding innovation and lawtech

Today, legal innovation is hot. Yet, recent survey of 100 in-house counsel revealed that around 70% were unsure what technology solutions their panel firms were using. What’s more, there is evidence of buyers acquiring legal services from alternative providers, not least the Big Four.

Firms are under pressure to compete in this changing market. They can ill-afford not to be clear, compelling or distinct on what technology and lawtech solutions they provide.

From Confusion to clarity: How law firms brand innovation and lawtech’ looks at the performance of the top 30 UK law firms. It examines the issues and trends in messaging and brand architecture and how they can combine to overcome buyer perceptions and help firms stand-out from the disrupters.

For firms looking to improve brand awareness and understanding, and those starting the journey, the report will provide a valuable resource. Other sectors will discover the findings useful in their planning.

Here are our six ideas:

  1. Develop or revisit your brand architecture
  2. Craft an overarching narrative
  3. Use your insights and thought-leadership
  4. Make it easy for clients to access content
  5. Educate and empower partners
  6. Use branding and marketing expertise

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