Baker McKenzie: Multiplying Your Potential

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Multiplying Your Potential

Few law firms can provide the same opportunities as Baker McKenzie. With its reach, client base, commercial approach, culture and ambition, the firm has all the necessary attributes to help talented graduates intent on a career in law to realise their potential.

Multiplying Your Potential became the theme of the graduate attraction campaign.

Creatively, we brought this to life by using a series of intriguing equations – Your Perspective x Our World and Your Aspiration x Our Ambition, for example – to align graduate interest with Baker McKenzie attributes. Using bespoke images that featured the firm’s associates holding or adjacent to objects relevant to each attribute, we created a set of eye-catching photographs, illustrating the overarching idea while indicating the firm’s distinct personality.

Showcased at the firm’s partner retreat, the campaign was judged best in class for recruitment attraction.



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