Marriott Harrison: Trainee recruitment campaign


Giving space to new trainees

Marriott Harrison is a specialist law firm focused on supporting innovative businesses and their investors. The firm’s reputation for quality, service and outcomes underpins the firm’s success and culture. Keen to expand this reputation to discerning graduates, we developed a trainee attraction campaign centred around a new website.

Before rushing ahead with designs, we stepped back to develop an overarching theme. Through insight and research, we were impressed by how the firm’s approach, structure and spirit provide the environment and freedom for trainees to be the best they can be. This led us to develop the thought of how the firm offers trainees the ’Space to’ (achieve their ambitions and goals). ’Space to’ gives flexibility to how the firm tells its own story: ’Space to’… grow, thrive, learn, connect and more.

Visually the combination of black, grey and orange and reportage photography enabled us to project a sophisticated and personable firm. The messaging and identity features on the website, adverts and social posts.

(Photography by Ed Tyler


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