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Blog Post: 19.02.18

Turquoise International: Website refresh

Re-branding a digital presence Turquoise is a boutique investment firm focused on energy and environment markets. Keen to maximize the

Blog Post: 19.02.18

Power Capital: Brand refresh

Reflecting a wider view The unique proposition of energy financial advisory firm Power Capital is its capacity to provide combined

Blog Post: 19.02.18

Granville: Advertising

Telling a witty story Mid-market private equity firm Granville (now Baird Capital) decided to raise its UK profile to entrepreneurial

Blog Post: 19.02.18

EMF Capital Partners: Credential presentations

Packaging a compelling story The emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Turkey provide rich potential for investment and growth. EMF

Blog Post: 19.02.18

Advent International: Brand communications

Building a brand. Creating a relationship. Building brands requires two things – what you say and how many times you