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Branding: 13.06.24

What does the future hold? Branding the Business of Law in 2030

‘40% of respondents believe that firms will have separate brands for the practice and business of law’. Listening to the

Branding: 18.03.24

Projecting brand personality to Gen Z

Read our new report analysing how the top 50 UK law firms reflect their brand personality to media and digital savvy graduates and early talent using websites and social media.

Branding: 30.01.24

Branding the Business of Law

Read how firms with a reputation for innovation and technology brand their business of law.

Branding: 29.01.23

Graduate recruitment campaigns: It’s all about positioning

At this time of year, as we face the winter cold, many of us are thinking about sunnier days. Graduate

Branding: 09.03.22

Tools, tech, and platforms: the “new law”

The drive to deliver legal services efficiently has given rise to an Aladdin’s Cave of weird and wonderful applications. For

Branding: 09.12.20

Joining the Journey

How law firms branding their tech and innovation have progressed in 2020 Back in June 2019, we published our review

Branding: 07.07.20

Brand architecture: it’s no joke

Perhaps you’ve heard the one about a traveller asking a local for directions, only to receive the response: “If you

Branding: 18.06.20

Post Covid-19 mood change in tech

Findings from our research among innovation and technology professionals working at the UK’s top 75 law firms indicate positive changes

Branding: 15.05.20

5 ways to get into a creative mindset

Like never before, there’s a need to be creative. Lawyers, accountants and other left-brained thinkers are not all natural at this. But what can they and their leadership teams learn from those with creative backgrounds?

Branding: 15.04.20

How to communicate with staff during social distancing

Here is Grahame Jones’ blog for the Institute of Student Employers on his five top tips to ensure teams and the employer brand emerge from the pandemic positive and united.

Branding: 23.07.19

Vive Le Maillot Jaune!

Le maillot jaune is the most iconic jersey in cycling. It’s revered. With that comes huge commercial success. What lessons

Branding: 15.07.19

How ‘the other half’ brands tech

What can accountancy and law teach each other about branding tech and innovation? Disrupting the disruptors  Accountancy and law have

Branding: 15.03.19

Branding innovation and lawtech

Today, legal innovation is hot. Yet, recent survey of 100 in-house counsel revealed that around 70% were unsure what technology

Branding: 29.01.19

Apprentice attraction campaigns in professional services

Patterns of student recruitment are changing. Apprenticeships are becoming more widespread, not least in professional services. Using our experience of

Branding: 26.06.18

Health warning: Template websites are bad for your brand

Pet hate: template driven websites. They’re everywhere, and so obvious. Don’t mind them for a local florist or tattoo artist,

Branding: 17.05.18

Professional Services’ Branding Quiz – The Results!

After 20 years of providing branding services to professional services (our first clients included Mishcon de Reya and the Norton

Branding: 26.03.18

Blues, clichés and panthers!

Writing for PM Forum, Grahame Jones describes how professional services’ branding has evolved over the past 20 years. Soukias Jones

Branding: 19.02.18

Developing an effective employer brand

Here is Grahame Jones’ blog for the Institute of Student Employers on the how to develop the employer brand.

Branding: 23.11.17

Graduate brochures: How to WOW graduates?

Visited law fair at King’s College, London. Here is what branding I found wooing graduates.

Branding: 25.10.17

How to create impact with bid presentations

Pressure to win never ends. How firms package their contents can make the difference between success and failure.

Branding: 06.09.17

Standing out from the crowd

Here is Grahame Jones’ article for the London Accountant, ICAEW on branding.

Branding: 19.07.17

Positioning statements: Must try harder

Clichéd positioning statements are everywhere. Is it time to make them work harder?

Branding: 22.06.17

Top tips for building the brand profile of US law firms in London

London is highly congested with law firms. How do the 100 or so US firms stand out?

Branding: 12.04.17

Ideas that make communications work

In communication-saturated markets, with so much sameness, positioning is everything. Good ideas can make all the difference.

Branding: 08.02.17

Creating the right impression

Grahame Jones takes a step back to review award winning advertising campaign for lawyers Hogan Lovells.

Branding: 17.01.17

Dealing with design buyers

With so much time spent on pitches, it’s annoying when buyers never reply back? Few helpful tips for buyers.