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Blog Post: 24.02.21

Our brand tech credentials

What We Do We help you to plan and deliver brands for legal tech that get noticed to the audiences

Blog Post: 10.04.18

Early Talent Attraction Campaigns

Why should you choose an ideas-driven creative campaign? When you’re looking to attract early talent, it’s important to use your

Blog Post: 10.04.18

Baker Mckenzie: Expand your horizons

Expand your horizons In London, Baker McKenzie is unconstrained by the structures and large graduate intakes of other major City

Blog Post: 27.04.18

Ince & Co: A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective Ince & Co is a modern, forward-thinking law firm, one with breadth and depth. Proud of its

Blog Post: 27.04.18

Baker McKenzie: Not for the Fainthearted

Not for the Fainthearted Corporate law is not everyone. For those who relish a challenge, few firms can offer opportunities

Blog Post: 27.04.18

Kirkland & Ellis: In Our Own Words

In Our Own Words US law firm Kirkland Ellis was relatively new to on-campus recruitment in the UK. The firm

Blog Post: 27.04.18

Baker McKenzie: Multiplying Your Potential

Multiplying Your Potential Few law firms can provide the same opportunities as Baker McKenzie. With its reach, client base, commercial